Gavin Harrison :: Visual Effects

I am currently working at Double Negative as a Visual Effects Technical Director. As soon as I have some spare time, I plan to host my latest showreel.

This website showcases work completed during my MSc in Computer Animation at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), Bournemouth University. There are also examples of web development work completed whilst I was a Senior Web Developer and some of my own web projects.

A web version of my Curriculum Vitae is available for download. If you have any requests for information or general queries, please use the contact form.

Latest Work

Final composite of Atlas model

Atlas Dynamics Simulation

  • Modelled in Maya
  • Dynamics in Houdini

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Final composite of Lego bricks simulation

Rigid Body Simulation

  • Maya Rigid Bodies
  • MEL Script to create RIB File
  • Rendered in RenderMan

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